Algerian Actors Tour the US
Algerian Actors Tour the US
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Welcome to the website that accompanies Staging Cultural Encounters!  This site chronicles the travels of the the Algerian theater troupe Istijmam on their 2016 US tour. View the play they put on, Apples, written by renowned Algerian playwright Abdelkader Alloula. Read about issues they encountered in cultural translation and cultural exchange in the accompanying book, which also provides links to videos on this site. Istijmam’s US tour was organized by the Center Stage program under the auspices of the US State Department. Author and anthropologist Jane Goodman began working with Istijmam in Algeria in 2008.

The Book

Staging Cultural Encounters: Algerian Actors Tour The United States is a multimedia ethnography with stories about performances of cultural encounter and cultural exchange during the US tour of the Algerian theater troupe Istijmam. Video links throughout the book take you on tour with the actors as they move from the Kennedy Center to the large state universities of New Hampshire and Indiana, and from a tiny community theater in small-town New England to the stage of the avant-garde La MaMa Theater in New York City.